painting timelapse of a previous post
my friend told me these gifs were a lot more interesting to watch than my static images

I bit the bullet and decided to jump in deep for my first Throwback Thursday - this was drawn around the time I was 16-17. I had a thing for drawing on notebook paper back then, so it’s highly likely that any drawings I post from those days will be on it. 
If able I  would totally go back in time and smack my younger self for not exploring any other styles other than ‘generic anime’ style. I mean. I guess I did ok. I didn’t really know any better and I went to a high school that severely frowned on any sort of art outside of theater and music and the only art teacher I had in middle school was really strict about us just drawing from life and at the mention of anything else he’d get really irritated. 
Anyways, there’s no good that comes from focusing on the past too much.  My only advice to young hopeful illustrators is ‘draw draw draw!’ and study/experiment with many different styles. 
That being said, these are two characters - twins - from a story I was interested in writing at the time. It probably will never happen now, heh. I’m debating doing quick re-draws of some of the throwback sketches I post - maybe posting them on Fridays or Saturdays? We will see!